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I can't make this stuff up!

I knew going into this weekend that it was going to be a hectic one. My husband and I had two weddings and a funeral to go to and the events were spread out throughout the St. Louis area. That meant driving around like crazy and going non-stop all weekend with very little sleep. I knew all of this ahead of time. It's the things that you can't plan for that make life as a mommy so interesting.

On Friday, my husband and I had a rehearsal dinner to go to. We left Jude with my mom and dad and went to the dinner. When we got home, my mom said that Jude's cough was sounding pretty bad and that I should keep an eye on it. Jude got a cold on Monday and this cough developed Friday morning. It hadn't sounded that bad so I was surprised by my mom's concern.

Just before 5 am I heard the cough and my mommy sense went crazy. I knew something was not right with this cough. It was so tight that Jude was having trouble breathing during the coughing spells. My husband and I knew that we had to take him to the ER. It seemed like such a terrible cough for a 6-month old.

So, we took him and after 2 hours, they told us that he had an upper-respiratory infection, possibly bronchitis. They put him on anti-biotics and Jude's exhausted parents finally took him home. We still had a busy day ahead of us.

After all of our running around all weekend. We had one last task ahead of us. Jude and I had to take my friend to the airport. She had flown in from California for the weekend and was staying with us. So I rolled out of bed around 5:45 am, packed just a few things for Jude, put him in the car and off we went.

When we got to the drop-off area at the airport, I realized that Jude was probably wet and in need of a quick diaper change. I was in the temporary parking area at the departing flights, but thought it would be no big deal to slap a fresh diaper on my little boy. I mean, this would take 1 minute, tops. Boy was I wrong!

I climbed into the backseat and my son was covered in poop! It was on his clothes, his carseat, his legs, his socks, my car....everywhere! I panicked! I quickly reached into the diaper bag that I had barely packed and found that I left my travel wipes at my mom and dad's. All I had was a couple of "Boogie Wipes" and an old blanket. I quickly got the kid cleaned up and went to put a fresh outfit on him. Ooops, no clean outfit! You have got to be kidding me! So I put my half-naked baby in his carseat and head home. But it doesn't end there.

Jude thought that the car ride was over, and like all sick babies, he wanted to be held. Mom climbing in the backseat was just a tease, and that sent him over the edge. He started screaming. He was tired, sick, and as I looked at the clock, I realized...he was hungry. I was going as fast as legally possible, when we hit a traffic snag. An accident had all lanes blocked and we were at a complete standstill. Is this really happening to me? Jude is still screaming.

Once traffic cleared I made it to downtown St. Louis and decided to stop at the station to quickly feed Jude. Here I am, in my pajamas, no make-up, with a half-naked kid, pulling into the place where I work. I began praying that no one would be coming to the station this early. I once again climbed into the backseat and fed Jude his bottle. He was falling asleep and I thought the ride home would be a breeze. Not so much.

Jude finished the bottle, and puked all over himself. I cleaned him up and the crying started again. This time it was both of us. The drive home was the longest one of my life. We finally got to the driveway, I got Jude out of his seat, and he was happy. My sick baby just wanted his mommy.

It was one wild weekend! But I learned...nothing is ever perfect or predictable when you have kids. Sometimes it's about making do when you're in a less than ideal situation.

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