Motherhood and news -

Motherhood and news

Emotions and news don't always mix well. Being in the media, we are supposed to stay professional and unbiased even in the face of tragic stories. And while on camera we cover these stories with a professional tone, here in the newsroom, everyone is sad to be covering stories that deal with families being torn apart. It's pretty tough to keep your feelings tucked away when you're writing about the events that we are following today. Especially as a parent.

Today, our two top stories were ones that weigh heavily on hearts of every parent. A 3-year-old boy is missing and in a seperate story, two boys, and their mother, were found dead in a home in Columbia, IL. As of this entry, specific details about the incident in Columbia are still not clear. We do know that the children were young boys, one in the 3rd grade, the other in the 5th grade. I hate these kinds of stories.

As a mom, I can't imagine what the parents and family members in these stories are going through. And while this blog entry can't begin to even scratch the surface of what they must be going through, I do know that my heart breaks for these families. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in both of these cases.

I hope that when I come into work tomorrow, I will be posting video of the missing boy being reunited with his mommy and daddy. I know that I will be hugging my little boy a little tighter when I pick him up today. Children are a precious gift and each day with them is special!

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