They found him!!!!! -

They found him!!!!!

On Tuesday I blogged about 3-year-old Joshua Childers who went missing from his Missouri home. Everyone was pulling for this little guy and hoping for his safe return. I know that everyone was just heartbroken at the thought of this toddler being lost in this heavily wooded area. As people would come and go in and out of the newsroom this week, you could hear them ask, "did they find him yet?" happened! I came into work this morning and right on the homepage of was a big picture of little Joshua, safe and sound, awake and happy, sitting on a stretcher. That image sent a chill down my spine and my eyes started to well up. That precious little boy was now back with his mommy and daddy! Thank God!

It's always a great start to the day when the first thing you see is good news! This is such an amazing story! This little guy survived three days alone in the woods. The guy who found him, Donnie Halpin, just showed up to help search for Joshua. He didn't know the family, he just did it out of the goodness of his heart. He actually got seperated from his search party and saw Joshua's little behind sticking out of some brush. He walked up to him and asked Joshua if he wanted to go home. Joshua smiled and said yes. I heard some people say that it was hard for Joshua to let go of his rescuer. This story is just incredible!

As a parent, my heart just fills with joy at the thought of little Joshua getting to go home to be with his family. I can't even imagine how his parents are feeling. I'm sure they are counting their blessings that their tough little boy made it home safely! What an awesome ending to this story!

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