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A very happy Mother's Day

Sunday was Mother's Day, as all you mommies out there know, and it was my first official Mother's Day. Last year I was pregnant on Mother's Day, but my husband still got me a gift. He's a keeper! This year was even more special. This year I am the proud mommy of a wonderful baby boy. It was a great day!

Jude was extra good on Sunday! I know he was so well-behaved as a special gift to me.

Jude (and my husband) got me flowers and a gift certificate for a massage! I can't wait to use that! I also got a special gift from Jude. While he was in the nursery at church, the nursery workers traced his hand and made a little card out of it. I had always wondered how my mom could like a homemade card or gift better than a nice gift from a store...well I finally experienced that feeling for myself, and I totally get it now.

But that wasn't the best part of Mother's Day. The best part was the great feeling of walking into church and the restaurant we went to afterward with my sweet little guy on my hip. I was so proud of him, proud to be his mom and so happy to be a part of this journey called motherhood.

Here's a picture of my boys. Jude loves playing the piano with daddy!

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