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We've got a crawler!

My world has changed...again! My 7-month-old son Jude is officially crawling. He did the scooting for awhile, then he started getting on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth, and then one day it just happened. He started crawling. I mean, we're talking full speed, tummy-off-the-floor crawling. It was so exciting, and then I realized...my kid is mobile. Yikes! Life just got a little more interesting! He can now get into everything...and believe me...he does!

After just a couple weeks of crawling, Jude is getting really fast! I learned very quickly that if he's going to be on the floor, I'm going to have to keep my eye on him at all times. If I turn away for a second, he's found his way to the dog's toys even when he is surrounded by toys of his own. The days of putting him on a blanket on the floor and expecting him to just lay on his tummy and play are over. They grow up so fast!

My husband and I also realized that we need to kick the baby-proofing into high gear! We already have the plugs covered, but I have a feeling this weekend we'll be buying cabinet locks and furniture anchors. I swear, if I blink one more time, that kid's gonna be driving!

Here a picture of Jude crawling around. Notice the walker in the background...he wants nothing to do with it anymore. He's all about the crawling!

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