My little escape artist -

My little escape artist

Last week I told you that my 7-month-old son Jude is crawling. Boy is he fast now! But that's not what this blog is about. It's about this:

That's Jude STANDING in his pack-n-play. He did that all on his own. We're not sure how he got up like that. There is really nothing to hold on to or pull up on, but somehow he managed to get himself standing. This kid is crazy-strong! I guess he was teething so badly that he just wanted to stand up and chew on the side of the pack-and-play! Either that, or he was trying to escape. I'm betting it was a combination of both!

No one saw Jude get up like this. He was at my aunt's house, sleeping in her room when she heard him making some noise, went in to check on him and there he was, peeking at her over the side of the play-yard! Then she texted this picture to me (that's why the quality isn't the best). I could not believe it!

Tonight we are ABSOLUTELY lowering Jude's crib! No more escape attempts in my house!

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