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Time to be the mom

It's funny how your perspective on life changes when you become a mom. Before my venture into motherhood, I considered myself an adult, but deep down I knew that if I needed mommy and daddy's help, I still had them to back me up. Don't get me wrong that's still the case, my parents still have my back, but now I have to have someone else's...my son Jude.

Last week we had day after day of thunderstorms. I am terrified of lightning! I mean, I can't go anywhere when it's lightning - it's just one of those things. So on Wednesday, I was visiting my parents and as I was leaving, I noticed the ominous sky in the direction of my house. As my mom walked to the car with me and Jude, she saw the panic on my face. She said, "Do you want me to come with you and help you get Jude in the house?" I thought about it for a second, and said, "No, it's time for me to be the mom!"

I made it to my house and sat in the car for a second. Jude was asleep, my husband was at work, it was just me against the lighting. If you remember, Wednesday night was the night with the crazy lightning all night...my worst nightmare. I sat watching the skies, trying to time the perfect exit from my car. I considered waiting it out, but it wasn't showing the slightest sign of letting up. I mustered up all my courage and speed, and went for it. I ran as fast as I could with my sleeping 8-month-old in my arms. I made it! When I took that first step into the covered porch, I felt so proud! I had braved the elements to get my son into the house before the storm got even worse...and it did get worse!

I called my mom to tell her we made it in safely (moms worry, you know) and she was proud too. "See, Afton," she said "You did it! You're the mom, now!" That I am.

Here are some pictures of Jude from this weekend. He wanted to hang out at the pool, it's his new favorite place to be.

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