Never turning my back again -

Never turning my back again

My son Jude is ready to walk. At least in his mind he is, his body is not quite there yet. I think he's strong enough to do it, but he lacks a little bit of balance. That's okay, I mean, he's only 8-months-old, and I'm in no hurry for walking. That kid gets into enough trouble as it is!

But since Jude thinks he's ready to walk, he has decided to move on from crawling and try as hard as he can to walk. He pulls up on absolutely everything and tries to move from one object to another while standing. He's getting pretty good at it, but he's still just a little guy, and again...he's still working on his balance.

Jude also has no fear. He will attempt to maneuver stairs, moving objects (like the rocking chair in his room) and anything that will stand still long enough for him to try to climb on. He's my little stunt man. It's so funny...when he approaches an object that he's going to try to pull up on, I can just see the little wheels in his head turning. It's like he's thinking, "I know exactly how to do this." And then he goes for it. Most of the time he's successful, but someone is always nearby, in case he's not.

Needless to say this combination of imbalance and fearlessness has kept my husband and I busy following this little guy around trying to keep him from hurting himself. Any parent knows that you can't always keep them from falling down and it's impossible to keep kids from getting a bump or bruise here or there. Unless, of course, you put them in a bubble...which sounds great to me!

Well Jude has had a few bumps and bruises lately. Everytime I retell the story of how he got the latest bump that's going to make people question my parenting skills, I hear myself say, "I turned my back for one second and..." he pulled his activity table on top of himself, or he let go of the chair and fell backward, or he fell while he was holding his hairbrush and got a bruise where the handle bumped him. I'm telling you, all of these bumps happen when I am standing right there! It's so frustrating! It makes it look like I just let the kid run (crawl) wild with no supervision. I promise you, that is not the case.

When I tell these stories, I always have friends, co-workers and family members tell me their my-kid-fell-and-got-a-huge-bruise stories and I don't feel so bad. But I really am considering that bubble...I'm tired of the bumps and bruises and for now, I'm never turning my back again!

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