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"No" means "No!"

At almost 9-months-old, my son Jude is active, inquisitive and adventurous. I've also found another adjective to describe him lately - trouble-maker. Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh. He's the sweetest little guy in the world, he just wants to get his hands on anything and everything in his reach no matter what that is. The power cord to the laptop, the dog's water, the curtains - it doesn't matter the object, Jude wants it.

At this stage, it's about the time to try to get Jude to understand the word "no." I know that he understands the word. When he's going toward something I don't want him to touch, I firmly say, "Jude, no-no." He stops, turns around, looks up at me and flashes a big grin and gives me a look like, "are you sure, I can't touch that mom?" Sometimes he stops. Most of the time he goes for it again...only this time faster. And then we repeat the process. I usually end up picking him up and facing him in a different direction and telling him "no-no" one more time.

That's fine with me. I understand that discipline is a process and he is still young, so we're working on it. But lately we've come to a new phase. He just flat out laughs at me when I tell him no. My Maw-Maw (grandma) watches Jude throughout the week while I'm at work and she is good about telling Jude no. She just says ah-ah-ah...and Jude stops what he's doing and doesn't go back. I thought I'd try Maw-Maw's trick. When I make the sound, Jude laughs and squeals and keeps on going. Great...now he thinks I'm playing when I'm trying to tell him no. Not good.

Every parent has their own view of how and when children should be disciplined. I'm still learning and my husband and I are trying to figure out what route we will take. Bottom line, my son will behave and we will take the steps to make sure he understands that no means no. It's the understanding of the word that we're working on now. Here's a link to one of my favorite sites BabyCenter.com and what they have to say about discipline.

Here's the latest photo of my little guy. He just loves being in his little boat in Nana and Pop-Pop's pool:

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