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A night on the town

This past weekend was my birthday and my husband Ryan planned a night out to celebrate. He wanted to take me out to dinner and then birthday shopping. Who could ask for more?

Instead of making it a celebration for just the two of us, I thought it would be fun to bring Jude along. That meant bringing our 8-month-old out to a restaurant and then from store to store while I shopped and tried clothes on. It sounded like fun, but deep down, I knew this was a recipe for disaster.

So we took Jude along. We went to P.F. Chang's in Brentwood and when we walked in I noticed several other babies in the restaurant, so I didn't feel so bad. Sometimes, you take a baby into a restaurant and people look at you like you have three heads or something. Like, "I can't believe those people brought a baby here!" And I'm not talking upscale dining here...we've gotten those looks at just your average, family, chain restaurant. I don't get it!

Okay, maybe I do, get it...sort of. Before I was a mommy, I can remember going to a restaurant and hearing the screaming baby. I would look at Ryan, roll my eyes and quietly tell him, "Why don't those people take their kid out of here? I will never let our kids do that!" Now when I hear the screams, I pity the parents. I feel their pain. Jude has had his restaurant episodes...nothing major, but still, I get it. You take your kids out with you because you want to enjoy a night out with your whole family and let your kids learn how to behave in public. Contrary to what the people shooting the dirty looks (which used to be me) may think, we don't do it to annoy them.

Anyway...I had prepared myself for the worst. Jude's newest tricks as of last week include letting out the loudest, highest pitched squeals he can muster at the worst possible times (like in restaurants and church) and spitting his food all over the place while your feeding him. So I was ready to pick up and leave if needed. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised with Jude's behavior. Granted, he did stick an entire wagon wheel shaped snack into his mouth and cried a little when Ryan and I took it away from him to keep him from choking. And he did spit his food a little, but I gave him a firm, "No, no!" and he stopped. As a whole, Jude was a very good boy at the restaurant and at the mall. I think he behaved as an extra special birthday present for his mommy.

Here's me and Jude at the restaurant

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