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Jude's first 4th of July

This weekend was a big one for my son Jude. It was his first 4th of July and it was his 9-month birthday. I couldn't wait for Jude to experience the VP parade and the fireworks, but the weather put a bit of a damper on our holiday plans. My husband, my dad and my sister all got called in to work, so my mom and I ventured out in the rain to take Jude to the parade. My brother (Uncle Cameron to Jude) is in the high school marching band, so parades are a must in our family. Jude has already been to several, so by now, he's a seasoned parade veteran.
Here's Jude and Uncle Cam:

The parade got delayed for an hour because of the rain, but by 11am the rain was gone and we were ready for the show! Here's Jude at the parade:

He loves to watch all the floats and people go by. It's funny to watch him as he watches the parade. He gets so serious. I can just see the little wheels in his head turning and trying to take everything in. It's like he's just trying to figure out how the giant balloons get so high and why there are so many people in funny costumes walking around. His favorite part though is seeing the marching band. He perks up and watches very closely when they go by...he's a music baby!
Here's Jude doing some serious parade watching:

After the parade, we were off to the first of two bar-b-que's. First out to my father-in-laws and then we were supposed to go to my aunt's house for more food and fireworks. We made it to the father-in-laws, but fireworks in my aunt's town got cancelled, so we all went to my parents for BBQ and a homemade fireworks display. It was nothing compared to a professional show. At first, I was disappointed that Jude wasn't going to get to see a real fireworks show, but he was a little scared of the little fireworks, so I'm kind of glad we didn't go all the way out to see them somewhere. It wouldn't have been fun to go somewhere and then have to leave because of Jude being scared.

Overall it was a wet, but fun first 4th of July. Needless to say, after all of our running around all day, Jude was exhausted by the end!

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