Baby in the big city -

Baby in the big city

I took a short vacation with my family this past weekend. We took a trip up to Chicago for some fun in the city. We had a great time and I was amazed at how good my 9-month-old son Jude was. He rode in the car for 6 hours without any major melt-downs and dealt with adjustments to his daily routine without missing a beat. He's always just along for the ride.

We brought snacks, books, toys and a little DVD player so that Jude could watch Baby Einstein. We also had to plan a few stops for the little guy to get out of the carseat, stretch and crawl around. This seemed to work. I know this won't be our last roadtrip, so all you other parents out there....if you have any tips for keeping kids entertained on long trips...please let me know! As a fairly new mommy, I would love to have some advice and little tricks that you all use to keep the kiddos under control, feel free to comment on my blog under all the pictures!

We had a great time in Chicago doing some touristy stuff. From the moment we pulled in to downtown Chicago, it was like Jude knew we were somewhere different. He just kept looking out the windows at all of the big buildings and the people walking around. Jude especially liked Navy Pier. Here are some pictures of him sight-seeing.

He loved looking at the water with daddy!

He loved the atmosphere at the famous Ed Debevic's

We also went to Six Flags Great America on our trip. Jude got to ride a couple rides in the Wiggles play place. He wasn't sure what he thought about them, but he didn't cry, so I guess he enjoyed it.

Here he is on the Fruit Salad, Yummy, Yummy ride with Auntie Aubrey! All you parents are probably familiar with the Wiggles references:

Here's Jude and daddy going down the slide on Captain Feathersword's boat:

Overall, it was a successful vacation. We had a great time relaxing with our family and Jude had fun experiencing a change of scenery.

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