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A time of transition

My 9-month-old son Jude is over baby food. He's tired of it. For the past few weeks he's spent most of any mealtime looking at what everyone else is eating and hoping someone will trade him and take his pureed green beans so that he can have pork steaks. That hasn't happened.

Now, we've moved from hoping to down right frustration. Jude is independent and strong-willed. He wants to feed himself and he wants to do it his way. I can already tell I'm going to be in big trouble when we hit the terrible-twos. At lunch and dinner, Jude wants nothing to do with baby food. He spits it out, he turns his head, and when he does eat, he whines the whole time. It has not been fun. We decided it was time to try to move on. On to bigger and better foods. On to big boy food!

This week, when I made my trip to the grocery store, I passed by the jars of carrots and bananas and opted for the real thing. I bought foods that Jude could pick up himself. I got him fruits, veggies, chicken and some pasta pick-ups that are made for babies. I also got him this thing:

It's called a Fresh Food Feeder. You put bigger pieces of food in it and then your baby can chew on it, get the flavor and small pieces of the food and not choke. It's pretty cool and it seems to help Jude get the independence he wants.

He does great with the finger foods and self-feeding. I've run into a few problems that maybe you mommies out there can help me with.
1) Aside from the Fresh Food Feeder. I can't find a way to get Jude to feed himself fruits. He wants to, but the fruit is usually so slippery that he can't pick it up and then he gets frustrated. When I don't use the food feeder, I have to put the pieces in his mouth for him and that defeats the purpose. He wants to do it himself. Any tips?
2) I'm running out of ideas for healthy, baby safe lunches and dinners. I've given him chicken, and some noodles and the pasta pick-ups meals, but I need some creative recipes that are healthy and that a 9-month-old would enjoy. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear from you.

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