The toy trade technique -

The toy trade technique

I'm sure this is not a new idea. Especially for you veteran moms out there. But for my best friend Ashley and I who are both newer mommies, this idea has saved us money and made our 9-month-old boys very happy. If you haven't already thought of it, maybe it will help you out too. The idea is toy trading!

It's simple enough. We both have little boys that are the same age (in fact, they are only 12 hours apart. How cool is that!) and are interested in the same kinds of toys. So to keep them from getting bored with their toys and to keep us from breaking the bank on new ones, we just swap. We gather up the toys they're tired of and get together to exchange. We do it about once a month. So when we meet to swap again, we bring back the toys that we traded before and trade again. Then the boys get their old toys back plus another round of fresh ones. It has been amazing. My son Jude is always so excited to get the "new" toys and when we trade back, he's excited to see his old toys too. It's like they're new to him again. It keeps our little guys entertained and excited about their toys.

I know its not earth-shattering parenting advice. But hey, all of us moms are looking to save a few bucks these days, right? So get together with your circle of moms, and start circulating those toys around.

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We're going to try books next. Happy swapping!

Here's a picture of Jude (in the background) & his BFF Landis (in the front) playing the piano after our toy swap earlier this week.

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