Check out the Pop-a-Tot -

Check out the Pop-a-Tot

On Thursday during our morning show, Awake, we did a preview of the big consignment sale out in St. Charles. During our live shot, we happened to show a product called the Pop-a-Tot. It's basically a portable activity center for babies. Let me tell you, the Awake e-mail inbox went crazy! A ton of moms e-mailed asking where they could find this product. We also got an e-mail from Stacy Ellsworth, a local mom who actually invented the Pop-a-Tot. So, to help all of my fellow mommies out, we asked Stacy to come to the studio and show off this baby gadget that had all of our viewers talking.

Of course, we needed a model to try out the Pop-a-Tot. Turns out I knew a certain 10-month-old boy who worked out perfectly. That's my little guy Jude in the Pop-a-Tot.

I absolutely LOVE the Pop-a-Tot. It's such an easy thing to just pack up and throw in the car no matter where you're going. It folds up to the size of one of those lawn chairs in a bag and its really light. We all know that an excer-saucer is great, but its difficult to bring on the road. The Pop-a-Tot is perfect for the baby on the go. It keeps Jude entertained, keeps me from chasing him around and its great if you need to feed your little one if you're out camping or at a soccer game. The best part is...Jude loved it! He normally hates being in anything that will confine him, but he really enjoyed the Pop-A-Tot. Believe me, I'll be buying one of these in the near future.

If you want to too, here's a link to Stacy's website:

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