And he's off... -

And he's off...

It's official - my 10-month-old son Jude is walking! I can't believe it! My husband was home with Jude last Friday and called me to tell me Jude was walking. I was so excited, but I wanted proof. So Ryan (the hubby) set up the camera on his computer and caught Jude taking some of his first steps. Click here to watch the video

When Ryan sent it to me at work, my co-workers and I gathered around my computer to see the big event for ourselves. We cheered, I beamed with pride and I have to admit, my eyes welled up a little. I just can't believe how fast my little guy is growing up! It's just incredible how quickly it goes by.

Now that he's off and walking, there is just no stopping him. He is into everything. Ryan and I had to go out and buy even more baby-proofing gear. I thought chasing after a crawling baby was I know, a walking one is even tougher. Wish me luck!

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