Planning the big one-year bash! -

Planning the big one-year bash!

I can't believe my little boy is about to turn 1!!! It's just unbelievable. It seems like not that long ago I was blogging about cravings and fear of delivery and now I'm blogging about planning my son's first birthday party. Time really does fly!

Well, the big birthday bash is in the works. I'm actually having a whole weekend worth of celebration for Jude's birthday. First, I'm hosting a party for Jude and his BFF Landis. Landis is my best friend's son and he and Jude are just 12 hours apart. Here are the boys. Jude's the one looking at the camera.

My friend and I were due the same day and when I called her to tell her that Jude had arrived, she told me she was headed to the hospital. It was just amazing! We wanted to be able to celebrate our boys' birthdays together so we're having a combined party the Saturday before their actual birthdays. We have been to the party store several times and have planned out every detail to make sure we have a special party for our boys. It has been so fun picking out the decorations and cake design. I can't wait to see my house all decked out with the number 1. There will be plenty of pictures!

Next on the party agenda; we're having a family celebration on Jude's actual birthday at our house. My family and my husband's family will be there, so it should be a full house. So yes, being the crazy mom that I am, I have committed to hosting two birthday parties in two days. Right now I'm having fun doing the planning, but I'm starting to stress about the actual hosting. I've already decided to just relax and enjoy the celebrations. This is Jude's first birthday and I want to have a wonderful day full of memories not a day full of stressing over having everything perfect. Whether or not I'll be able to do that...we'll see. Wish me luck!

Here's one of Jude's one-year pictures. He looks so grown up!

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