The City Museum -

The City Museum

I absolutely love this place! It is housed in the former International Shoe Company and is made out of unique objects found right here in the city.

I can't believe how many people I've talked to who have never been. It really is a hidden gem. Some people think it's a children's museum. Let me assure you, this is a museum for EVERYONE. How many children's museums do you know that have a bar?

I take out of towners there whenever I can. My friend Kili seen in the pictures with me says it was one of the most fun things she's ever done. This was my 3rd visit and I discover something new every time. This time I discovered the Enchanted Caves. It must have been closed before because I never knew it was there. It is built within the shoe factory's spiral conveyor tunnel system. You have to really see it for yourself. But the coolest part is those spiral conveyers that run all the way up to the roof. As it stands now, one of them is open as a slide from the 5th story down. The plan is to eventually have it open all the way from the top floor...10 stories if I remember correctly. Of course we had to try out the slide. All I can say is it's my new favorite part of the museum...go check it out yourself!! Click here for the video!

My friend Kili enjoying City Museum

The Enchanted Caves

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