My Trip Through The Darkness -

My Trip Through The Darkness

The Darkness Haunted House in Soulard is rated the top #2 haunt in the U.S. They recently sent me an invitation to a media preview and I didn't have to think twice. I love haunted houses. I find something strangely appealing about having my pants scared off. I was very excited when my coworker Erica Byfield told me she'd come with me. She's a bit of a haunted house lover too.

I was taking pictures and video so I lead our group of about eight inside. Very shortly thereafter I pushed Erica upfront. And then she pushed one of the guys up front. I was too chicken to be in the front or the back, what can I say? Click here for my video, a small taste of what you can expect to see at The Darkness plus what Erica and I thought about our journey.

My preview was in the afternoon and while you might think the daylight hours may ease the scare, this was simply not the case. The first floor was very dark. There was some light coming through on the second floor. But with the fog machines, special effects and the freakishly attired actors jumping out at made no difference. The special effects were amazing. There were only a few actors there during my trip but normally there will be 50! I'll definitely go back, it was fantastic!

The Darkness is open on a regular schedule now through November 2. It is located just north of Soulard Market at 1525 S. 8th Street. Here's a link to their website.

So tell me...what are your favorite haunted attractions in the area?

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