My Afternoon At Z107.7 -

My Afternoon At Z107.7

Yesterday I had a chance to spend the afternoon in the Z studios with Curt Copeland. Curt is a friend of mine. He'd mentioned me coming in we finally got around to it. He was kind enough to include me in several of his segments throughout the afternoon. While I've been in radio studios before, that was the first time I'd spend most of an afternoon there watching the whole process. It was really interesting seeing him work.

First of all, the phones ring off the hook. He has a lot more patience than me, that's all I can say about that. And watching him get into character for some of his segments was a unique experience to say the least. I think what most impressed me was how obsessive (in a good way) he was about getting each clip exactly right. Every clip, every time, no slacking. No wonder the station is so popular. It seems that way anyhow...I had several friends call me and tell me they heard me on the radio. I was so excited that you'd think I had just been on tv for the first time!

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