Fashion Week - Thursday Night -

Fashion Week - Thursday Night

At the VIP reception

While the VIP reception gets underway each night of Fashion Week at 6PM, Wednesday night I didn't make it until 7. Turns out, if you get there that late you miss the food! So Thursday night I arrived at 6:30 and had a chance to get a bite to eat before partaking in the complimentary cocktails...always a good idea. Tonight, I'm aiming for 6!

Front row seats!

The first line shown was the Spring 2009 Humanity For All collection. Each piece tells a story with bold, original artwork. It's a very urban feel. The cofounders, Tammy Hotsenpiller and Helena Cho, donate 25% of the profits to world humanitarian efforts. This men and women's line is available at Dillard's. Here is a sampling of some of the looks shown:

The second line shown was the Spring '09 miacro collection. Cofounders Tina Davis-Noble and Jenn McKelvie use organic fabrics, and raw, simple shapes to create their women's collection. Here are a few of their looks:

The last line shown was called Wrath Arcane, a menswear line that means "secret anger" or "forgotten rage." This line of contemporary streetwear created by Sean Bilovecky and Brian O'Neill is available at Splash in the St. Louis Galleria. Here is a sampling:

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