My Trip To Creepyworld -

My Trip To Creepyworld

Steve and I on the hayride through Tombstone.

Last night I went to check out Creepyworld in Fenton. It's done by the same folks that do The Darkness in Soulard. I did a review of my visit there last month. Here's the link. I was able to talk my good friend and neighbor Steve into joining me.

I love haunted houses...even though they scare me to death...I'm a total chicken. But I suppose the adrenaline rush of getting freaked out is what does it for me.

Creepyworld is huge. There are 5 different haunted attractions. A graveyard, Tombstone-a haunted ghost town, a cornfield, a mansion and Silo-X. I wasn't sure if you automatically would go to all 5 or pick and choose as you went. It's all set up in sequential order along paths. You start at the mansion and end at Silo-X. Because I went on a Tuesday night, we went right in. But by the look of the queue in place, this place gets crazy busy. I would definitely say go on an off night. You avoid the lines and it's's a link for coupons. We did have to wait briefly at the entrance to Tombstone. This part is a hayride and there is only so much room.

Being Chased Through Tombstone

Trying To Hop On Board In Tombstone

This guy came up from the ground. He was huge.


The special effects weren't quite as cool as those at The Darkness. But Creepyworld is much larger and takes longer to get through. I would say it took us about 45 minutes. A fair word of warning, the fog machines are working really well in Silo-X. I couldn't hardly see a thing and it made me feel like I needed to cough.

Overall, it was a ton of fun. Good, clean, cheesy fun. Steve loved it too. Here's their link for more information.

So tell me, what's your favorite haunted attraction in the area?

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