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New Kids On The Block

Me along with coworkers Beth and Erica

I was one of those die-hard fans back in the day. But that was a long time ago. I wasn't sure what I'd feel seeing them again after all this time.

I knew this was something unique when I drove past Scottrade almost 2 hours before the show started and there were hoardes of women swarming out front. Later, pulling into the garage I was amazed to see the lengths some had gone. Cars from all over, many in that typical "just married" sort of way, but instead declaring "I love Jordan" or "NKOTB Forever!" I heard some had come from as far away as Detroit to see the show! Then I started to see the outfits. Groups of women attending together, dressed alike. Whether is was homemade t-shirts, NKOTB stuff from way back when or just 80s attire. It was awesome!

I would estimate the crowd was 98% women, between the ages of 25-40. A single guy would've been smart to attend, the odds would certainly have been in his favor!

Natasha Bedingfield opened and was amazing...but I still wasn't prepared for what would happen next. As NKOTB hit the stage, I was tranported. I felt 15 again. And the words to the songs I haven't heard in ages all came flooding back. I had the biggest smile you can imagine across my face the whole time. The energy in that place was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. And the screams! My ears rang for the whole show but I didn't care and neither did anyone else.

There were some pretty significant differences this time around though too. There were no kids, no teenagers in the audience...instead there was lots of beer, the New Kids now have dancing girls and panties were being thrown on stage!!!

They performed alot of their new stuff and of course all the hits from back then. They added a few distinct things that I remember from back then too. My favorite part of the show I saw in Louisville, Ky all those years ago was when Jordan performed his hit love song. He came out of the stage floor with a solo spotlight on him, fan blowing, and then rips open his flowy white shirt. Okay, stop laughing, I was 15! But he did the exact same thing last night! This time it cracked me up, but in a good way. And Joe(y) wore a black leather smiley-face jacket last night. I swear I think he wore that same jacket back then. There was flirting with the audience, fireworks, break-dancing, booty shaking and more. I can't imagine it could have been better. I think this picture I took before the show sums it all up pretty well...

New Kids On The Block at Scottrade Center">Click here for my slideshow from the concert!

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