Nelly's Black & White Ball -

Nelly's Black & White Ball

I was so excited to be able to attend this event that was held Sunday night at the Khorassan Ballroom at the Chase Park Plaza. If you are not familiar with it, it's an annual event that Nelly hosts in St. Louis...a formal celebrity gala to kick off the holiday season.

The red carpet arrivals began at 7pm and that was followed by a dinner. The after party that I was invited to started at 9pm. Celebrities in attendance were Nelly, Ashanti, Jermaine Dupri, Boyz II Men, and Murphy Lee amongst a few others.

After my name was checked on the list at the door, I was given a playing card. I assumed this was something I'd show on my way in but no one asked to see it. A few minutes into the party, Nelly got onstage and announce that 10 lucky people were going to have a chance to win a 2 year lease on the Lexus that was onstage. Those lucky people were those holding a 9 of clubs. I had it! We assembled on stage and each reached in a bag for a set of keys, one of which would work on the car. I was in the back of the line. The first 6 set of keys didn't work. So for a moment, I had a one in four chance. The 7th person in line had the right set. I was so close!!!

That's me on the far right waiting for my chance to try my keys.

And that's the lady that won jumping up and down.

Next, Nelly introduced Boyz II Men which sang several of their top hits from the 90s. When they did their famous ballad "I'll Make Love To You," they gave out roses to the ladies at the front of the stage. Awwww.

Me With Boyz II Men Performing In The Background.

Click here for clips of the Boyz II Men performance.

The DJ then took over for a while. I'm not sure who he was, but he was fantastic! Later in the evening Nelly and his celebrity friends plus a few others started to gather on stage. Nelly had the DJ play all his big hits which he in turn sang along to. Then he brought out his surprise guest, Murphy Lee, who also did a few songs. It was pretty cool. They were all up on stage singing for at least an hour. Awesome!

Click here for clips of Nelly and friends on stage.

Things started to wind down around 12:30 so that's when I left. I had originally not planned on going because of my work schedule but I was told I "had to's the party of the year!" They were right, a definitely can't miss party. I'm already looking forward to next year. Next year I'll take off work on Monday!

Click here for all my pictures from the Black and White Ball.

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