Connect With...Spotlight Of The Week -

Connect With...Spotlight Of The Week

As a young professional in St. Louis who also happens to be fairly new to the area, it's been important for me to get out there and get involved. How else was I going to meet really cool, like minded individuals?

Our city is home to dozens of young professional organizations which can help you get involved, give back to the community and meet lots of great people too How many can you name? Uh, huh, thought so.

I want to tell you about Connect With.... This is a young professionals collaborative, an initiative of FOCUS St. Louis. What is that, you ask? The collaborative's members are local young professional organizations. The program acts to connect us with arts, culture, community service, diversity initiatives, professional development and networking. It's an effort by the collaborative to get young professionals involved in the revitalization of St. Louis by becoming more active in the community and finding an organization that fits their objective.

Here is their website. You can read all about them and their member organizations.

I've decided that each week I'm going to spotlight a different member of the collaborative- a local young professional organization for you to get familiar and possibly involved with. Keep an eye out for my posts, I plan to put a new one up every Wednesday!

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