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Spring Awakening

I attended opening night of Spring Awakening last night at the Fox Theatre. This is a musical unlike anything you've ever seen.

First some background. This is based on a late 19th Century German play that was so explicit, so shocking, it was banned from the stage for 100 years. Honestly, it's pretty edgy even today. It basically explores teenage sexuality/puberty and doesn't try to make it pretty. There are sexual situations, graphic language and even brief nudity (a first for me in a musical!). Expect lots of different topics to be taken on: molestation, abortion, suicide, homosexuality and a few others that my boss might be uncomfortable with me listing in this forum.

The actors are all young and dressed for the late 19th century. The eras repression is well represented. The main female character asks her mother where babies come from. The response is something along the lines of "that's what happens when you really love your husband." So when she ends up pregnant, she has no idea why since she's not married. The show is made current by the rock n roll score. The music is really great, and a lot of fun. Keep an eye out for one of the crowd favorites. It called something along the lines of "Totally Screwed." I'll let you figure that one out.

This show has won a lot of awards. 8 Tony awards in 2007 including Musical of The Year as well as a Grammy for Best Musical Show Album. This is Spring Awakening's first national tour. Tickets are $25 and up. For showtimes and more information click here!

It's definitely one I would say go see. Just leave the little ones at home.

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