Mardi Gras Groove -

Mardi Gras Groove

Pamela Raymond of the Raymond Experience threw a Mardi Gras party last night at Atomic Cowboy. She's from New Orleans and decided to through a party that would educate us partygoers about some Mardi Gras History. There was New Orleans gumbo and kingcake...yummy! Sam Adams (who sponsored the party) offered a beer tasting as well as a free pint. There was a lagniappe pack (a goody bag) for each guest. My co-worker Erica Byfield found a gift certificate for a free haircut in her pack! There was also a hurricane glass, a French Quarter praline and several other goodies. My favorite part of the event was the tarot card reading. It seems I'm going to have a lot of tough decisions to make this year and that's going to cause me a lot of stress. Is it bad to say I hope she's wrong? There were posters and cards on the walls and tables that taught the guests various aspects about Mardi Gras history along with a slide show that served the same purpose. I asked Pamela if this was going to be an annual event and she tells me it will be. So if you missed it this year, make a mental note and look for it next year!

Click here to view my pictures from the evening.

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