Beggin' Pet Parade -

Beggin' Pet Parade

I missed this Mardi Gras event in Soulard last year so I was determined to make it this year. Wow! This event draws about 50 thousand people and 10 thousand dogs. There were a few non-dogs, but not many. I did see a couple of cats and one bison. The way some of these pet owners go all out on their pet costumes is amazing! I found my self ooh-ing and aaw-ing all afternoon.

After the parade was the Weiner Dog Derby at Soulard Market Park. I couldn't see much of it as there were a LOT of people jockeying for good spots, but it looked like a hoot!

Some of the dogs would step out of their gate at the beginning of their race and just peer around at the crowd, but most of the dogs ran to their owners at the finish line. Thousands congregated in the area around the park. There was music, food and drink, pets and sunshine. It made for a really great afternoon.

I took a lot of pictures of the dogs, I couldn't resist. Click here for my slideshow...enjoy!

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