The Fat Tuesday Parade -

The Fat Tuesday Parade

I had the opportunity to ride on one of the floats in the parade last night. It was a ton of fun! The festivities began with a procession led by Joia (pronounced joy-uh), the Mardi Gras Band. The procession started at Lumeire Place, went through the Lumeire Link and then exited at the start of the parade route at Broadway and Convention.

I was riding on one of the Mardi Gras Inc floats. If you saw the parade Saturday or last night, I was on the one with the Gateway Arch. Now, this parade isn't quite as heavily attended or as long as the Saturday parade. But the weather was pleasant and there was a good turnout.

It was interesting to be on the other side of the parade. This was the first time I've ridden on a float, ever. Of course I was throwing lots of beads. It cracks me up how people go for these things. It gave me a certain feeling of power, at least for a few minutes anyway.

The one thing I didn't expect was how hard I had to throw. Man my arm is sore today! See, I was a little agitated on Saturday that the beads weren't being tossed, gently underhanded into the crowd. Now I know why! I tried it that way and my beads ended up in the street, several feet short of the crowd. A little embarassing actually.

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