My First Rodeo -

My First Rodeo

Me, Erica and Erin

And to think I thought that PBR was just a cheap beer! The PBR Built Ford Tough series is in town this weekend at Scottrade Center. My friend Erin suggested we go. Now, going to the rodeo wasn't exactly on my life's list of to-do's. However, I'm a big believer in trying anything once. How else can I really have an opinion on something?

The show open was really cool. Fire, smoke, they had it all as the riders were introduced one by one.

As the bullriding got under way, we made it our mission to figure out how the scoring was done. If you're not on at least 8 seconds, you don't even get a score. For those that are on for the 8 seconds, the score is based on how hard the ride was. So it's really very subjective and all depends on the judges.

The guy that was the rodeo "clown" was hysterical! It wasn't really what I expected though. He wasn't dressed like a clown although his face was painted. I never saw him have a single interaction with a bull. His job was to simply entertain the crowd in between rides. He just walked (and danced) around the field (I guess that's what you call it) and talked back and forth with the emcees/hosts. He was basically a co-host that just happened to be on the wrong side of the fence. They played really fun, contemporary music. At one point, they played Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and he knew all the dance moves! The played Michael Jackson, he danced like Michael Jackson. They played New Kids OnThe Block...well, you get the idea.

We didn't see anyone get injured too badly, although there were a few riders that got knocked around by the bulls a bit. Round 1 last night ended up going to J.B. Mauney (he's the world leader). If you're interested, there's another 2pm round Sunday. Here's the info. So all in all, I found the whole thing quite entertaining. I'd definitely go again.

You'll see in the pictures that after the round was over, we went down to the front to get a closer look at the riders. Erin got her cowboy hat signed! I think she's going to try to sell it on E-bay...just kidding. Click here for the rest of my pictures.

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