I caught opening night of this show last night at the Fox Theatre. I found myself saying a few things over and over throughout the show. "No way!" "How's that even physically possible?" Think Cirque du Soleil, but a bit more family friendly. Cirque Dreams is a circus without animals, set in a jungle. The stars are contortionists, acrobats, jugglers, clowns and some really, Really, strong men dressed as animals (and bugs, amphibians, spiders, etc).

The first half of the show is set during the day, the second half set at night. The night scenes are done in black light which makes the elaborate costumes look really cool. Everything is done up in lots of really bright color.

Obviously this isn't your traditional broadway show. There is a character, Mother Nature, that sings several songs that ties everything together. But this show isn't about the singing.

My favorite acts were the contorting lizards and the balancing giraffes. Seems the art of contortion is a national treasure in Mongolia. You had to wonder if these four even had bones. The balancing giraffes really stole the show though. These two guys stacked several paint can size cylinders on their sides and then climbed on top of a board balanced on the cylinders. You expect them to fall any minute but they never do. You sit there wondering how any of that is even possible. You just have to see it to believe it I guess. But there are also jugglers, trapeze acts and a woman that twirls in the air suspended by only her hair.

This is a show that will entertain the whole family. For more info, to see a video clip or to get tickets, click here. The show is in town through March 29.

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