Fashion Week Wednesday...Project: Design! -

Fashion Week Wednesday...Project: Design!

Last night's VIP party started at 6pm in the Hotel Lumiere Lobby. Complimentary cocktails and appetizers were served as the guests piled in. New this season, or at least to me, was an elevated dance floor in the middle of the lobby with rotating breakdancers. They were interesting to watch for sure, but it really made available space a bit of an issue.

The show was held in a ballroom up above the casino at Lumiere. It was slated to start at 8pm but didn't start until 9pm. Project: Design! was hosted by Jerell Scott of Project Runway fame. He came out at the beginning to say a few words before the various competing designers showed their lines. The 6 design finalists were Jennifer Neal, LK by Laura Kathleen, Micheal Shead Est. 1987, shankeithclothing, Socialite by Veronica Ariel and The Exquisite Corpse by Michael Drummond. After each of the contestant's lines were shown, Jerell Scott debuted his latest collection...which was awesome by the way! At the end of the show, Jerell came back out to announce the winner of the Project:Design! competition and $30,000..The Exquisite Corpse by Michael Drummond.

The after party was held at Sleek but I couldn't tell you much about how that went, I only peeked my head in. It was a bit late and I had to work today! The music was thumping, the crowd was large and the drinks were flowing. I'm off tomorrow so I'll try to stick around later tonight and have a full report for you tomorrow!

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