More From Fashion Week! -

More From Fashion Week!

Thursday night, Brown shoe presented Pure. The designers shown were Black Halo, Cloak & Dagger, Beach Bunny Swimwear & Trim. Same drill as Wednesday night on the VIP party, but the big dance floor was gone...YAY! I was in the second row, so instead of giving you second rate photos including a random head in front of me, I'll send you here.

I didn't make the after party again. Mizzou was playing! Me and my gal pals headed insted to the Burger Bar (yummy!) where each booth had a tv set built in.

I was a little later getting to Friday night's party. I went trout fishing about a hour and a half from St. Louis during the day and had to get a nap before the show. I know, I know...trout fishing? I'd never been before, and I'm a big believer in trying anything once. How else can you really have an informed opinion? No, I didn't catch anything but I had a few nibbles!

Friday night's show was called Emerge. The lines presented were DIESEL, Wrath Arcane, Love Brigade and Bolongaro Trevor. For pictures of the night's fashions, check out the Saint Louis Fashion Week website.
Several of the ladies of Channel 4 made it out we are in our Fashion Week best!

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