Connect With...Spotlight Of The Week: Fuel -

Connect With...Spotlight Of The Week: Fuel

Fuel is a social volunteer group for young professionals that has been
around since 2005. They support understaffed City neighborhood and
community groups by providing volunteers to assist with one day projects and
events. Fuel believes that neighborhood and community groups help build
strong city neighborhoods, which in turn help build a strong city. The end
result is a positive impact on the entire metropolitan area.

Fuel is one of the fastest growing volunteer/networking groups in the
region. They sponsor regular social events as a means of recruiting and
maintaining a strong membership. Events include monthly happy hours,
parties, special events, music concerts, winery excursions, sporting events,
and the list goes on.

I am a member of Fuel and can tell you that I personally think this is a
great organization. Not only are you giving back to your community, but
meeting and socializing with great like minded individuals at the same time.
Members and their friends are invited to attend all Fuel events. Many
events are offered for free or at a discount.

Membership is free. They just ask that you volunteer at least 3 times a year
(one Fuel fundraiser and two community projects). You simply sign up on
their email list and they'll send you a monthly list of volunteer
opportunities available as well as all the social activities that month.
Check out this page to get an idea of some of their upcoming volunteer opportunites. They're actually pretty fun events!

To learn more about Fuel and/or sign up for membership, simply sign up via
the web-site at Members receive monthly
e-newsletters that include details on all upcoming Fuel volunteer
opportunities, parties & special events!

Fuel's next monthly happy hour is Tuesday April 14th at 6pm. This is going
to be their 4th Anniversary Celebration. It's being held at Frazer's Brown
Bag at 1811 Pestalozzi, right across the highway from the AB Brewery. There
will be complimentary appetizers, drink specials and music as well as a
presentation by Mayor Francis Slay at 6:30pm. $10 cover.

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