Connect With...Spotlight Of The Week: JCI -

Connect With...Spotlight Of The Week: JCI

JCI Board Of Directors

JCI(Junior Chamber International) is a global nonprofit organization of young active citizens ages 18-40 with chapters in 115 countries, forming a global grassroots movement. The members seek targeted solutions to community problems they see, as well as engage on the international level. JCI members believe in taking responsibility for making the change they wish to see in the world. JCI was started in 1915 in St. Louis, which is why the World Headquarters is here. Click here for their website.

Their flagship program of the year is the St. Louis Socially Responsible Business Competition. Open to young entrepreneurs under 40, they are looking for plans for new socially responsible businesses or initiatives from existing businesses. All entries must work to advance one of the community development goals outlined in the rules, which are based on the UN Millennium Development Goals. As a partner of the UN Global Compact , this is their local initiative to further the global movement towards Corporate Social Responsibility.

They will also be holding a seminar for the community to learn more about the principles of socially responsible business, how to apply them in their companies, and see examples of other socially responsible businesses. The seminar is September 26 and the deadline for entries is November 2, 2009.

JCI Open House

If you would like to get involved, go to one of their meetings! JCI's next meeting will be Monday July 13, 5:30 at the JCI World Headquarters, 15645 Olive Blvd. Chesterfield. This is a young chapter looking to build their impact and all young adults who share their mision and believe in taking responsibility and engaging in the community are welcome. Come to learn more about their projects to impact the community, including a new initiative on the local level to raise awareness about the problem of malaria in Africa, from which someone dies every 30 seconds. JCI Nothing But Nets is the global initiative that JCI is running in partnership with the UN Foundation on a global level.

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