Connect With...Spotlight Of The Week: The Contemporary Council -

Connect With...Spotlight Of The Week: The Contemporary Council

The Contemporary Council is the young friends group at the Contemporary Art Museum. This is a very engaged and dynamic young friends group. Members are committed to supporting the Contemporary's mission of promoting a meaningful engagement with art, while acting as ambassadors for the museum. They host opening night exhibitions, support the museum financially and introduce the museum to others.

The museum provides members of this group an exclusive calendar of social and educational events that are designed to broaden their understanding of contemporary art and culture. Some of these events include visits to artists' studios, behind the scenes tours with curators, and travel programs related to the art-viewing and collecting experience.

You might think that contemporary art is hard to understand despite the fact that many of the ideas that artists are working with are quite timely. Through the opportunites provided by the Contemporary Council, members really get the educational aspect--and really engage with the art on an intimate level. The entire experience with art changes when this happens.

The Contemporary Council's Upcoming events include:

-September 11, the fall opening of For the blind man in the dark room looking for the black cat that isn't there.

-September 17, the launch of the Contemporary's "Art Fitness" education program (tagline - Don't be bullied by art critics! Learn to flex your contemporary art muscles!)

-October 9 - Mid-century Furniture Crawl in the Central West End

-November 12 - Artist Studio Visit and Cocktails.

For more information on the Contemporary Art Museum, click here . To learn more about the Contemporary Council, please write or call Lisa Grove at 314-535-0770 x206 or at

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