Connect With Spotlight of the Week: Gateway Council of Hostelling International -

Connect With Spotlight of the Week: Gateway Council of Hostelling International

If you're not familiar with this group, then maybe you're familiar with the Annual Moonlight Ramble® bike ride? That is Gateway Council's biggest fundraiser of the year.

This group offers a means to "see the world" and get involved with becoming multicultural citizens of the world. There are over 4,000 hostel beds in 60 countries (more beds than the Conrad Hilton Hotel chain). In the U.S. there are 76 hostels. What a great way to see the U.S. and the world!

Gateway Council is the regional affiliate of Hostelling International. Their mission is to create a world class youth hostel in St. Louis. They have partnered with Old North St. Louis Restoration Group to turn the Mullanphy Emigrant Home into a youth hostel.

Gateway Council also does many recreational activities including hiking, biking and canoeing. They also have educational programs like World Travel 101 and Girl Scouts Go Hostelling.

This year's Moonlight Ramble® will be held on the night August 29 during the "almost" full moon, starting in downtown St Louis at Soldiers' Memorial Plaza.

Moonlight Ramble® typically draws more than 10,000 riders. The ride itself begins just past midnight and follows a short (7 miles) or a longer (14 miles) route through the streets of Saint Louis.

Activities before and after the ride, distinctive glow-in-the-dark commemorative T-shirts, plus the chance to be part of a unique spectacle draw recreational cyclists of all ages and skill levels, many of them returning year after year. To get all the details, click here.

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