The Darkness -

The Darkness

I'm a haunted house junkie. I'm not really sure why I like being scared. It's kind of weird. Anyway, I went to the Darkness last night. It's a huge, amazing haunted house in Soulard. I went last year too, but this year they added a bunch of new stuff. I learned a few things about myself last night. When I get scared, I giggle, a lot. After I scream. And I get really sweaty...but I digress.

One of the new things this year is TerrorVisions in 3D. Wow. You get 3D glasses to wear before you go in this section. The best way I can describe it is a haunted circus with crazed clowns and really creepy circus animals. Even the floor was in 3D so at certain places it looked like there were giant holes in the floor. It was all very cool, and substantial.

The Darkness is open nightly from now through Oct 31. For other nights, times and ticket info, check out their website. Have fun!!!

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