Behind the Scenes Photos -

Behind the Scenes Photos

Here's some fab photos we took last week. As always, we met a lot of great people and learned about some new places.

It was great to meat a real life karate kid. A black belt at age 9?! Watch out for Corbin-- he's accomplish big things in life.

And it was such a pleasure to meet Jacques Pepin, the original Iron Chef. He showed us how to make some beautiful and healthy "fast-food" while telling some amazing stories at the same time.

Thanks to Whipt Cakes for bringing in the cakes!! I won't lie-- I had a few of those triple chocolate fudge cookies. After all of these fabulous food segments, I think it's time to have a couple more fitness segments. Don't worry-- we're always look out for you!

Remember to email us at if you have any story ideas or thoughts. We love hearing from you-- and we're always looking for photos for pic of the day!

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