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We're Back with New Episodes!

Carol Daniel, Host

What a wonderful way to kick off our Monday return from the hiatus week. Many of you saw the repeat shows and asked me why we weren't live and what it all meant. Simply put, the hiatus weeks are predetermined days when we run 'best of' shows. Usually they are holidays or high-vacation time periods of they year. At any rate, we are glad to be back.

Today, Matt and I were both so surprised to be around a dog, "Romeo" that was so obviously scared of us. I know people may shake their heads at the notion of animals taking medication like Xanax to calm their nerves but watching Romeo's demeanor gave us a clear understanding of what that anxiety looks like. He truly looked sad. But congratulations are in order to the folks at Petropolis for working with him. Roxanne at Petropolis says they don't know what happened to make him so anxiety-ridden but they know Romeo is afraid of men. Romeo did let Matt pet him after our interview although he turned away and never wagged his tail. I've never been around a dog with that level of anxiety. We are sure someone with the calm home will adopt Romeo. As Roxanne put it, a single woman would be the best. I also learned from Roxanne during the interview that my natural tendency to pet Romeo while he was acting scared actually would reinforce the behavior unlike what it would do in children. She said, "We talk to dogs like they are furry people and they aren't." How hard will it be for many of you to break that habit?

Today's other amazing moment came from Patty from Patty Cakes in Highland, Illinois. I love it that she wore her Food Network smock from her time as a competitor on one of the Challenge shows. They had to fly to Denver to compete in the Disney Cake Challenge. She helped the chef create the Wicked Witch from Sleeping Beauty. It didn't look like a cake at all but more like a statue! Patty got second place! I love cake and I love to cook but I can't bake very well, so it was wonderful to meet someone who can create such beautiful and delicious creations! I told Patty when I turn 50(three years from now), I'm going to give her a call.

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