Based on the number of emails still coming in to my inbox, a large number of you have missed our repeated warnings about the changes that took place on January 19th. If you've lost our KMOV signal, BE PATIENT! We have been forced to temporarily reduce power to our DIGITAL signal in order to switch UHF frequencies from Ch. 56 to Ch. 24. This was not our choice, but a change mandated by the FCC. Slowly - over the next four weeks or so - we will increase power until we are back to 1-million watts. Until then, you will need to re-scan your converter box or digital tuner every week or so until the signal reaches you.
Ultimately your picture will be better than ever, because the new frequency provides a wider bandwidth. In other words those who struggled to get a solid picture before, will be better off with the new signal - eventually. By February 1st, we'll be back to 50% power, which should reach 90% of our viewers. If you live a long distance from St. Louis, it may take longer before you receive a good signal again. Thanks for your patience!

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