Attention conspiracy theorists: Go investigate a grassy knoll or something. Today I approved the following comment, basically because I can't believe someone would think this:

I would like someone to explain to me why KMOV originally said they would be back to full power by March 1 and then when the date was switched for the DTV conversion from Feb. 17 to June 12. KMOV switched when it would be back to full power to July 1 it makes no sense to me why your date for full power should change if it was scheduled for March 1 and planned for then it should still be accomplished by then. If it is delayed by this much then KMOV should be firing it's engineers as they obviously are incompetent to complete anything in a timely manner. I think the real reason is KMOV has some kind of deal with Charter or Dish or maybe both to delay full power trying to get more people to pay for television and if they are without your station for a week or so they'll give in and buy from cable or dish or someone like that.

SERIOUSLY? Come on - give me a break. I've posted this several times, but here we go again since some folks are still confused. KMOV reduced power in January in order to complete tower work for the original DTV conversion on Feb. 17th. If you want the minutiae, we had to rebuild our digital transmitter to handle a new frequency, and once the analog broadcast goes away we need to replace the antenna on the very top of our 1200 foot tower. We had crews scheduled to complete that work, and have full power restored by March 1st. When Congress delayed the digital transition until June 12th, we obviously couldn't complete that work. This really has nothing to do with our engineers, or Charter or DirecTV. In the meantime, we're trying to help folks through the transition as best we can. Believe me when I say we share your frustration.


Digital Television Transition Support

Recently the United States Congress passed legislation, the DTV
Delay Act (S. 352) to delay the Digital Television Transition from
February 17, 2009 to June 12, 2009. Additionally, the DTV Delay
Act extends the Converter Box Coupon Program until July 31, 2009.

If you have questions or require assistance installing your converter
box, the Citizen Corps Council of Manchester, Missouri and the
Manchester Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) will
be offering its services. Our volunteers are available to lend you a
hand at installing the converter box and transitioning your television
to receive the digital signal.

For additional information, please contact Lt. Tim Walsh at 636/207-

For additional information about volunteer opportunities and Citizen
Corps, please direct your inquiries to or
visit the Citizen Corps link at

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