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** Local Assistance Centers Can Be Found by Typing in Your Local Zip Code at www.DTV.gov **

Washington, DC - With only four days left until the digital television transition, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund (LCCREF) is sending the message that it is not too late for unprepared families to get ready for the DTV transition.

Here are a few easy steps to making a successful transition:

It's not too late. If you have your converter box coupon, use it today and make sure your box, television, and antenna work.

If you don't have your converter box coupon yet, apply today by calling 1-888-DTV-2009 or visiting www.DTV2009.gov. It typically takes about nine business days to receive your coupons, so you won't receive it in time for Friday's transition. You may want to purchase and install at least one converter box, if possible, to maintain access to critical emergency alerts and news. Certified, local retailers have a plentiful stock of converter boxes.

Make sure your antenna is both VHF and UHF. Antennas start at around 15 dollars, but your antenna needs will depend on where you live, the signal strength of the stations in your area, the topography of the area, and any outdoor obstructions. Typically, low-cost antennas will work fine in mid-sized to large metropolitan areas, so try your old antenna first.

Follow the instructions that come with the converter box to install the box and connect your antenna.

Scan for channels when you first install the box. Moving it closer to a window may help. You may need to adjust the antenna position, depending on which station you want to watch. Also, make sure there's nothing in front of it, and if you purchase an upgraded antenna, ask about the store return policy and keep the receipt. You may need to try a few different models before you find the one that works best for you. Rescan for channels after making these adjustments.

For most people, installation is a snap, but for some, it may take longer and require a few extra steps. To find local resources, go to www.DTV.gov and type in your zip code to find local assistance or call the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) hotline - 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) - for help.

If families have a coupon they can donate, now is the time to help neighbors who may not get their coupons in time. LCCREF has partnered with nearly 100 community organizations to collect and distribute hundreds of coupons to needy families. In a time of economic uncertainty, many are turning to community organizations for help. To help these families with the switch, people with unused, unneeded, and unexpired coupons can mail them to:

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund

National DTV Coupon Exchange Program

P.O. Box 66081

Washington, DC 20035

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