First, you will want to see the reaction to my previous blog on Tony La Russa and his DUI test.
We are posting all of the viewers' opinions .. even though the vast majority are negative to our coverage, my remarks and even me personally.

Still, if we are going to be fair ... we can not just show you good responses and ignore the others.
That should emphasize how concerned we are about being fair.
I've tried to respond directly to many of the viewers, but this might serve to reach even more .. faster.
I regret that anyone thought we were airing the La Russa video strictly as a ratings ploy ... or with malice. I've been around Tony numerous times and he always strikes me as a fine man .. but in this case, he made a mistake.
If you are high profile and make a mistake .. you get high profile coverage.
Most of those complaining did not respond to what they would think if the DUI test video featured Barry Bonds.
Many did question.. what if it featured Larry Conners?
My answer is very direct.
Channel 4 should air the video and treat it just as did with LaRussa. That would be the only fair thing to do .. despite any additional embarrassment it would cause my family or me.
If Channel 4 did not air the video.. that would be wrong, and I guarantee other stations would air it.
If they failed to do so .. they could rightly be accused of covering up for "one of their own".
The guiding ethical principle is very simple: We can NOT have different rules for our own backyard.
Now, a final note which you might find interesting. For those of you against our decision ... my wife did not like us airing the video of La Russa's DUI test.
Now, I'm not about to say ... that I'm smarter than my wife .. but I will say .. in this case ... she was wrong. There, I said it.

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