Usually, I reserve this blog for news content issues ... but this time, I'm writing as father and step-father.

With massive help from their mothers ... I've raised 2 girls who now are 28 and 30, and I am currently raising an 11 year old.

Any parent knows that there are challenges when it comes to raising children .. boys or girls. I only know what it's like to raise girls ... and from my experience... it is very, very hard. It is a time filled with frustration, anger, disappointment ... and that's just from the kids' viewpoint. Still, it also a time of love, laughter and joy... and that's from the kids' and parents' viewpoint.

One other point ... IF ... I thought that I did a good, make that, fair job of raising my first two girls ... my stepdaughter is proof that I still need training.

At age 11 .. almost 12 ... she is a Hannah Montana fan ... watches her tv show, listens to her music and would have gone to her concert .. if I been ahead of the curve and got her tickets. (Another personal failing on my part? Maybe not.)

The pictures in Vanity Fair show Miley in some poses that border on provocative and at the very least are dramatically different than the image she has in her tv show.

One picture shows Miley holding a sheet across her obviously naked chest while exposing her back. Remember, this is a 15 year old. The photos were taken by famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, and Miley is quoted as saying: You don't say No to Annie.

There's no doubt Miley is a big star. She has the Number One cable show for kids 6-14 and in Networks .. Number Two behind American Idol for that age group. So, now, here is she is ... bare-back naked with a look from her eyes that is more like what men imagined when reading Vladimir Nabokov's 1955 novel "Lolita".

Miley is now apologizing .. supposedly to fans and family. She is quoted as saying that she was "embarrassed". She says that she took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be "artistic".

At one point did Miley ... her agent .. or any adult with some sense of decency realize ... THIS IS A 15 YEAR OLD GIRL!

We've covered stories where someone wants a photo shop to develop pictures of children in suggestive poses. In those stories, a concerned photo shop employee would call police, and that would trigger an investigation of possible child pornography. Similiar cases have involved pictures exchanged over the internet. The sad fact is .. this is the kind of picture that pedophiles like.

On one hand, I don't blame Miley so much. Maybe, she's young and naive .. and maybe, she truly, truly didn't understand the impact of what she was doing. Maybe. Maybe, she's not so naive and thought it was time to reach beyond her bubble-gum chewing fans. Maybe she thought Britney Spears was a good role model ... on how to evolve from a child star.

In fact, Britney at about the same age had her own show on Disney .. before becoming a "train wreck". Disney Studios accused the Vanity Fair editors of creating a situation to : "deliberately manipulate a 15 year old".

Photographer Annie Leibovitz says: I'm sorry my portrait of Miley has been so misinterpreted. She goes on to say that she and Miley did discuss the photo shoot and discussed the picture in that context.

The Deputy Managing Editor of People Magazine says: She has to find a way to gain a new following.

So, is Miley so innocent or just caught with her top down?

Vanity Fair points out .. Miley's father was with her... and he thought the pictures were artistic.

Really? In addition to the photo of Miley draped in a satin sheet .. there are pictures of Miley and her father together. Again, these pictures are posed in such a way that it appears a 15 year old is with a 35 year old boyfriend .... not pictures of a father and his daughter. Those images are very disturbing given what happens behind doors in some homes.

So, I guess Miley's father didn't see any need to keep Miley covered up .. to protect her from pictures that are beyond her years. That's a shame. She will grow up soon enough.

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