I just finished anchoring our 5pm news and am still saddened by two stories.

One story was a very personal, touching interview with Kim Dorsey .. the mother of 18 year old Jessica Uhl and 13 Kelli Uhl. They were killed when their car was hit by a speeding Illinois Highway Patrolman the day after Thanksgiving.
I'll come back to that story in a moment.

The other story was about the beating death of 3 year old Stacy Tolbert Wyatt.
His father's girlfriend, Brandy Maybery, is charged in the death and under a million dollars bond. The child's father, Stacy Tolbert, is charged with child endangerment.

Jefferson County Detective Lt. Dave Marshak told us that the father is charged because when he came home about 1:30 in the morning and found his son unresponsive ... he went to Walmart .. and only 2 hours later did he call 911.

Our reporter Laurie Waters asked what the final days were like for the 3 year old .. and it's enough to bring tears when you hear what that baby suffered.
There was evidence that he had been beaten often over a long period of time and whipped with a belt ... because the 3 year old urinated in his pants.

It's heartbreaking when you think of the pain he suffered ... and it makes you angry when you think ... no one was there to stop it .. to save him.

May he finally rest in peace.

In our other story ... the interview with the mother of Jessica and Kelli Uhl was so powerful as you heard Kim Dorsey talk about how she's been trying to cope.
She said for a time .. it didn't even seem real .. like maybe a bad nightmare.

Their deaths have had so much news coverage ... Kim Dorsey told our reporter Ray Preston ... even when strangers learn who she is .. they offer condolences.

We have that interview on our website. I strongly encourage you to watch it.

As a parent, I don't know how anyone can deal with such a loss.

I do know .. that after both stories .. you want to take your children in your arms .. and hold them ... so tight .. forever.

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