Since I first filed the blog regarding airlines charging U.S. troops headed to war zones for their bags ... the airlines are changing their rules.
Now ... other airlines are following American Airlines decision to drop those charges ... but I would still be interested in your comments ... after you read the full blog.


For the past few days, we've told you how many airlines are charging U.S. servicemen and servicewomen for extra bags when they are headed to Iraq.

We all know that airlines are having a hard economic time with the increase in fuel prices; we might not lilke it, but understand when some start charging if you check a second bag. We understand when you get charged if you bag is over a certain weight.

Again, we might not like it ... but accept it.

What we don't like to hear .. is airlines are charging our troops these charges ... especially when headed to war. Some airlines were not charging anything for the first two bags they checked .. but then hitting them with a $100 fee for a third bag.

Soldiers could apply for a refund from the military ... but they have to wait weeks, months ... and if they don't get around to the paper work ... because someone is shooting at them .. well, they are out the $100.

What kind of treatment is for those who serve our country?

These men and women are serving our country .. in some cases going to "hot zones" .. where any moment could be thier last.

They need to take certain items. They want to take some extra personal items.
And airlines want to charge them???

You don't have to be a member of our Armed Forces or have relatives serving to get really angry over this charge.

So, now, there is some good news ... at least from American Airlines.

In the face of all the publicity and outcry ... American Airlines is doing what should have been done in the beginning.

American will no longer charge our troops for a third bag.

Your comments to this blog ... might make others fall in line.

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