Politics should have no role when it comes to providing children with basic health needs ... unfortunately, it does.

Still, despite the battle over what health plans get how much money ... there are innocent children caught in the middle of these battles.

I've been blessed to have 2 children, one stepchild and one grandchild with excellent health. When they did need some medical care ... again, I was blessed to have insurance and other resources to make sure they got proper care.

Still, there are thousands of children who don't get the most basic health care.

These are innocent victims. They are not responsible for paying taxes nor their parents' failure or inability to provide proper health insurance. Despite all political and economic debates... these children suffer.

There are numerous groups which try to help fill the gap, but I want to focus on the INSTITUTE FOR FAMILY MEDICINE.

The Institute was created by Dr. David Campbell who has a heart and vision to make sure these children get the most basic health care.

Institute for Family Medicine has several programs. I'll give you a brief synopsis, but hope you will read the details that follow so you can see how these programs help children in need.

IFM provides health care for schools in several lower socio-economic neighborhoods. In the 2006-2007 school year, IFM provided health care needs for almost 20,000 children.

IFM goes to all 3 Crisis Nusery Center locations .. 2 to 3 times a week to provide care for children in these shelters.

IFM also goes to the Evangelical Children's Home and Covenant House of Missouri.

The Institute for Family Medicine also provides medical oversight to La Clinica (Latino Community Health Center) ... offers medical care for immigrants and refugees. During the last year, La Clinica provided more than 8,000 patient visits ... and that included 1500 children.

That's just a thumbnail sketch of how Dr. Campbell and his staff at the Institute for Family Medicine make sure that children are not neglected ... ignored.

So, while the rest of go through our daily lives ... we can thank Dr. Campbell and the Institute for Family Medicine for their dedication to meeting one of our nation's greatest needs. Obviously, donations help carry out this most crucial mission, and I leave that thought on your heart as you read where IFM is helping children in your area.

( 314.849.7669)

Everyone needs a health home where
they receive caring, competent health care.
The Institute for Family Medicine brings
health care to people in their own communities,
including the following locations:


School-based health center - Hancock Place School District

On-campus health services - St. Louis City Public Schools ~ Jennings District Schools~
Normandy District Schools ~ Bayless District Schools ~ Wellston District Schools ~
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Nursing support/standing orders/consultation - Riverview Garden District Schools ~
University City District Schools ~ Maplewood-Richmond Heights District Schools ~
Forest Park Community College ~ Special School District

Other Program support - Dental services coordination ~ Teens Against Tobacco Use ~
Mental health services coordination


Evangelical Children's Home

Crisis Nursery of St. Louis

Covenant House of Missouri


St. Louis County Department of Health - John C. Murphy Health Center (Berkeley) ~

North Central Health Center (Pine Lawn) ~ South County Health Center

La Clinica - Latino Community Health Center - Overall management

Vietnamese Clinic - Partnership with Catholic Charities South Side

Traditional office - 4590 South Lindbergh Blvd.


Parkview Housing Complex

James House Housing Complex

International Institute


St. Louis County Jail

Lakeside Children's Home

St. Louis County Juvenile Detention


I. School Health Program
The School Health program provides
· medical support (through standing orders and nurse inservice training);
· medical consultation (phone consultation on an as needed basis, participation in health advisory committees, and liaison with primary care provider in children with chronic medical illnesses);
· direct medical services (physical exams, sports physicals, immunization, and acute care); and
· wellness and health promotion programs
· coordination of allied health services including dental and mental health
with a goal of promoting health and wellness in school age children of the St. Louis area, and most importantly keeping them in the classroom to maximize the educational experience.

The extent of the program varies by school district, and is tailored to meet the perceived needs of each district. The focus is in districts located in lower socio-economic neighborhoods. Specifically the districts served include:
· Wellston
· Normandy
· Jennings
· Riverview Gardens
· University City
· Maplewood-Richmond Heights
· Bayless
· Hancock Place
· St. Louis City
· St. Louis Charter Schools
In school year 2006-07, nearly 2000 students received direct, hands on service; well over 15,000 received the benefit of standing orders, and another 2000+ received either dental care or participated in wellness programs coordinated by IFM.

II. Medical Support to Social Services Organizations serving Children
IFM has reached out to social service organizations that provide services to children, and become the medical care provider for these children through the social service organization. This includes routine health maintenance, physical exams, and care for acute and chronic problems. In most cases, this care is provided by the IFM provider going to the social service organization. Organizations served include
· St. Louis Crisis Nursery - IFM providers go to all three Crisis Nursery locations 2-3 times per week to perform required physical exams and tend to acute medical problems. IFM and Crisis Nursery hope to expand this cooperation and work with MC+ programs to assure that these children have identified medical homes and receive on-going health care. In the past six months, IFM providers have cared for nearly 600 children admitted to the Crisis Nurseries.
· Evangelical Childrens Home - IFM serves as the Medical Director (Dr. Campbell) and an IFM provider (Dr. Bernhard) goes on campus twice each week to provide both routine health maintenance and care for acute and chronic illnesses for the children of ECH (6-8 patient visits per week)
· Covenant House of Missouri - This organization provides temporary shelter, educational programs, and counseling for run-away and homeless teens. IFM has provided free physical exams to those entering the residential programs as well as mental health screening on an as needed basis. CHMO is opening a new facility this spring which will include a health center, which IFM will support.

III. La Clinica - Latino Community Health Center
Since April of 2006, IFM has provided management services and medical oversight to this neighborhood health center providing low cost medical care to immigrants and refugees. La Clinica was nearly forced to close their doors prior to the involvement of IFM, and through the leadership of Dr. Campbell as Executive Director, and Brenda Le, APRN, as Associate Director, La Clinica has been able to stabilize financially and improve the quality of the services it provides. During the last calendar year, La Clinica provided more than 8,000 patient visits, including nearly 4,000 adults and 1,500 children.

IV. St. Louis County Department of Health
Since 2000, IFM has provided the primary health care providers to the St. Louis County Department of Health. Family physicians, internists, pediatricians, and nurse practitioners from IFM provide care at the three county health care centers (John C. Murphy, South County, and North Central) and the county corrections program. During 2007, IFM providers saw over 20,000 adult visits and over 4,200 pediatric visits within the County DOH system.

V. Other Health Clinics
IFM also operates primary care health clinics in four locations
· 4590 South Lindbergh - this is a traditional primary care medical office accepting all forms of insurance, including Medicaid. The practice also offers reduced payment plans for uninsured patients
· 3646 Fairview Avenue - this is the La Clinica location, but IFM also operates a clinic specifically designed for Vietnamese patients. This is done in partnership with Catholic Charities South Side
· Parkview Housing Complex - at the request of the St. Louis City Housing Authority, IFM operates a health clinic within this housing authority complex serving the elderly and disabled. This is done in partnership with Saint Louis University School of Nursing
· James House Housing Complex - at the request of the St. Louis City Housing Authority, IFM operates a health clinic within this housing authority complex serving the elderly and disabled. This is done in partnership with Saint Louis University School of Nursing

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