All Presidential Elections are historic ... but the 2008 election has so many "firsts". We had a woman in prime contention for her party's nomination as President. We have an African American male who now leads that party. The opposing party has for the first time named a woman to the ticket as Vice President nominee.

Some polls say this is a runaway ... even if the popular vote is close ... the Electoral College vote will be a landslide.

Other polls say this is still very, very close in key battleground states.

From this reporter's perspective ... the Obama camp has been locked down firmly. The McCain camp has some supporters with one foot in and one foot out ... in other words .. not fully committed ... but prepared to vote the GOP ticket.

There are still undecided voters ... even this late in the game. I do find that amazing .... considering the months of campaign battles and the clear differences between the two party leaders. How and why could so many still not know .. at this late stage? I asked one woman and she said, I don't like either one of them.

If she represents some of the undecided ... will they even go to the polls?

If you read this AFTER the votes are counted ... we will know how solid the polls were ... how strong the undecided were ... but at this hour ???

With more than 45 years in broadcasting ... I've covered Presidential elections that had surprises ... and some that had landslides.

On our website at KMOV.COM ... we now have some clips from one of those years: 1976.

I encourage you to view some of that video. You will see a young reporter ( with a lot of hair) named: Larry Conners. You will also see some other reporters you might recognize.

The candidates were also younger ... for instance, you will see a young John Danforth. At the time he was Missouri Attorney General and running for U.S. Senate for the Republican Party.

Danforth was facing former Missouri Governor Warren Hearnes who was suddenly the Democratic nominee after Missouri Congressman Jerry Litton was killed. Congressman Litton was flying to a victory party to accept his party's nomination when his plane went down on take-off from Chillicothe.

Danforth ended up winning by a large margin, but in that same election ... while the Republican candidate won the Senate race ... the Democrats won Missouri .. and the Presidency.

The GOP Nominee was President Gerald Ford and his VP Bob Dole.

The Democratic winner was Governor Jimmy Carter and his VP Walter Mondale.

In that 1976 race ... as in many others ... Missouri elected the President.

Will that happen this time?

Take a look at the 1976 Election clips ... I'd be interested in your thoughts about those days .. and the current election.

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