By now, you know that I have changed my hair. I decided to go ... natural.

My wife, Janet, says the one thing alway constant with her ... is that she will change her hair.

Women do it all the time, but when a man changes his hair ... well, it creates more of a reaction ... especially in my job.

In the television business, you try to maintain a consistent visual image. We record and photograph hundreds of promotion shots for broadcast, print, internet and other sources. Once you start changing ... that means EVERYTHING becomes obsolete. So, for years, I've fought a losing battle to keep my image at least somewhat constant.

Now, I'm at a stage in my life where I just want to change.

Would I prefer to have long, thick, flowing hair? Maybe, but I don't know if that would be me.

Would I prefer a shaved head? Again, I'm not sure that works for me.

So, I have come to this current look ... and I already like it ... especially ... the freedom it gives me.

In times past, my wife has told me when she cut her hair really short that she felt suddenly free. I didn't understand what she meant ... until now.

Now, I have no more worries about getting every strand in place ... much less keeping every strand in my head. No more worries about trying to make it appear that I have more hair than I do.

When I went into the Marines ... I had a full head of hair and felt pretty cool. The first thing the Marines did was ... shave it.

I stood in line watching other recruits ahead of me. They were ordered into the chair and then barbers armed with electric razors zipped back and forth so fast that in just a blur the recruits looked like frightened hairless creatures with hair piled ankle high around their chairs. When it was my turn, I considered making some smart alec remark, but sanity prevailed and I kept my mouth shut and with 3 zips ... my head looked like a pale pool ball.

During the Marines, I thought ... when I get out ... I'll grow my hair back and wear it the way I want ... forever. That was my plan, but genetics came into play. Then, like many men came the years of denial, fighting back a losing battle ... and ... well, I've come to this place in life.

Will I make another change? Go for a spiked look? Mohawk?

As we say in television ... stay tuned ... and let me know your thoughts about men and hair.

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